KNM focuses its ideological propagation by public programmes, awareness campaigns, debates, seminars, table talks, distribution of pamphlets and brochures. Propagation of qur’anic teachings and prophetic ways of life are the main pillars of these activities. Islamic monotheism (Tawheed) is the first and foremost message of all Da’wa activities of KNM, and the first priority of Islamic propagation. Public debates with ideological opponents held at various parts bring the audience to recognise the ideological clarity of Islahi movement. All the Da’wa activities are lead and monitored by KJU, the Ulema organisation of Islahi movement. KNM adopts latest facilities of information technology by the effective utilisation of modern media. ‘Salvation International Exhibition of Islam’ was one among the best Da’wa activities of the organisation utilising the possibilities of modern technologies.



KNM implemented religious education on a scientific basis by starting madrasahs for religious studies. For religious education, a syllabus and curriculum was prepared for each class based on the Qur'an and the Prophet's teachings, and a plan similar to school education was implemented, and an educational board was formed for its supervision, textbook writing, examination, and assessment. The madrassa movement initially faced great opposition from the orthodox communities , but later they too had to accept this path and started opening their on madrassa system.


KNM education board initiated the preschool education system in the state. Almanar preschool is one among the best pre primary schools in Kerala. Hundreds of kids are getting preschool education through this system


Educational and Career Guidance Centre (ECGC) is a special wing of KNM Higher Education Department to provide education and career guidance to the entire society and help the growing generation in this regard. The necessary guidance in the field of study and work, coaching for competitive exams and guidance for parents are provided. It is led by eminent persons of college-university level.
ECGC aims at:-

1. Mahallu / Unit empowerment

Provide training and support to enable officials to carry out welfare activities (Help desk, Relief, Financial Aid, Skill training center, Information & Coaching cell, etc) at Mahal center. Assist in the preparation of Mahalla data to carry out such activities smoothly and efficiently These are the training programs currently being conducted under the Family Education Cell
1) Islamic Parenting school
2) Teenage tuning
3) Premarital counselling
4) Postmarital Counselling
5) Stress Management & Emotional counseling

2.Career club

Career planning and development is the success mantra in modern times
▪️Career awareness programs
▪️Aptitude tests
System of organizing career awareness programs and aptitude tests

3.competitive examination cell

▪️KAS, UPSC, PSC etc
Deliver various competitive exam notifications to the candidates Organize necessary coaching classes for competitive exams

4.Faculty empowerment

▪️Teacher Refresher programs
▪️Madrasa Teacher Training Activities aimed at the excellence of the teaching community Conduct Madrasa teacher trainings etc

5. Learner’s empowerment

▪️Inspire Vacation camps
▪️Student Mentoring
(Comprehensive Mentoring Program to help selected children from Class 8 to reach higher educational institutes of national importance)

6.Campus Adaptation

A comprehensive empowerment program (parental, teacher, student and management empowerment) aimed at academic excellence of our campuses.

7.Trainers Hub

A system of training and equipping Practitioners (RP) for ECGC projects
1. Train the Trainers
2. Trainers' Update
3. Trainer Advanced

8.Leaders college

A leadership quality training program for those taking charge at various levels of the organization

9.Finishing School

A training program that helps those who have completed their studies to enter the desired job by giving them the employability to seek employment (Employability skill training)

10.Media & publication

Facilitate activities through new media and publications that can give momentum and depth to ECGC projects

Renai TV

Renai TV is the official media of KNM, stated as a visual media channel in 2016. The name RENAI used as a short form of Renaissance. Renai TV broadcasted hundreds of programmes on education, culture, religious as well as many other informative topics. Renai Academy provides practical training for students interested in visual media, offers courses like designing, video editing, digital marketing, online broadcasting.

Social Welfare

KNM is doing various charitable social welfare activities through its local units. Home for the homeless, Orphans and widow care, self-employment schemes, food kits for the poor, destitute care homes, medical care for the poor, pension schemes, monthly rations, shelter for the poor, cloths for the needy are social welfare activities of KNM. KNM contributed generously to Chief ministers relief fund on special occasions and disaster time.


INTEGRATED MEDICAL BROTHERHOOD (IMB) was formed in 1987 at Mujahid State Conference held Kuttipuram as an association of doctors, healthcare professionals and paramedical staff interested in charity activities of the organization. IMB Initiated the first pain and palliative initiative satellite centre at Manjeri, Kerala. IMB operates dialysis centres, free drug banks, rehabilitation centres, Deaddiction centres wide spread in Kerala. IMB conducted surveillance centres for COVID patients and donated safety equipment like PPE kits, Oxygen Concentrators, Pulse oximeters for COVID hospitals in Government sector.


BISMI is the social platform for the awareness of socio-cultural issues of the society. BISMI popularised with its activities against the dowry system which was under rooted in the Muslim community. BISMI started its campaign against dowry system as its an UNISLAMIC and unethical.

Do not accept dowry nor to support was a popular slogan against dowry

BISMI conducted lots of “community marriages” were many couples together conducted marriage functions for reducing the expenses of marriage functions.


It prepares the believers to perform the Hajj which is Maqubool and Mabroor according to the Prophetic teachings

* Leadership and study classes by Islamic scholars.

* Service of Islahi volunteers

KNM is free from all that because the orthodox sects that forbid women even to pray in the Haram Mosque and spread heresies like Mawlid in sacred places etc.


Zakat is a compulsory donation that every Muslim must give to his wealth, after reaching a certain limit. There was a practice in Kerala of escaping from responsibility by offering few coins to the person who begged for it. The organization teaches people the Islamic principle that zakat is not the bounty of the rich, but the right of the poor, and implements systems for organized collection and distribution of zakat through the formation of zakat cells in all branches. Due to this, huge social service programs are being conducted in many branches.


Al Manar magazine is the mouthpiece of Kerala Nadwatul Mujahideen. Al Manar, which had been run by the Kerala Jamiatul Ulama (KJU) even before the formation of KNM, became KNM journal as per the decision of the council held in July 1952. was taking over. Al-Manar is the perfect journal for understanding the Qur'an, Sunnah. Almanar is a monthly periodical covers most of the religious topics as per the scriptures of islam. This contain articles on comparative religion and social harmony


KNM has many books which are useful for spreading the Holy Quran and Prophethood, and against superstitions and superstitions. The publication section publishes various books. Published in four volumes, Marhum Amani Maulavi's 'Explanation of the Holy Qur'an' is the largest and most universally accepted KNM publication. A greater historic work on Kerala Muslim Renaissance is started and the first volume published as “Kerala Muslim Navodhanam: Charithravum Darshanavum”.


Vichinthanam weekly evaluates current issues from an Islamic point of view and exposes the status quo of accusations against Islam, Muslims, and the organization. It covers most of the current issues relating with Islam, Muslims and Islahi movements