The Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen(2/57) is a socio- cultural-educational and religious organisation which came into existence in April 1950 as a result of the renaissance activities of the` Kerala Muslim Aikhya Sangam` which in turn was formed at Eriyad of Kodungallur in 1922.

The Kerala Muslim Aikhya Sangam was formed primarily for settling the local bickerings among muslims of the Kodungallur and nearby areas. The movement of Kerala Muslim Aikhya Sangam was led by the late Sheikh Hamadani Thangal. The movement enlightened Muslims to settle their differences by returning to the message of Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (SS). This message attracted the educated and thinking muslims of the area and slowly gained confidence of the muslims of Kodungallur and nearby areas. The efforts of Aikhya Sangam promoted the formation of several formal and informal assoaciations in several other areas of Kerala. The Muslim `Nishpaksha Sangam’ and` Islam Dharma Sangam’ were important among them.The primary aim of all theses assoaciations were the unity of Muslims on the basis of the message of Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammed(SS). Sheikh Hamadani Thangal,K.M. Moulavi and Vakkam Abdulkhader Moulavi were the popular leaders of these movements. They found that the main causes of differences between various sects of muslims were due to the influence of superstitions based on false religious culture, lack of education and ignorance of the message of Holy Quran.They called upon muslims to to read and understand Holy Quran to know the actual message . They organized systematic Quran Learning Classes to induct the true message of Holy Quran . They also called upon muslim men and women to undergo formal education to gain literacy. When these efforts began to gain the support of a lot of muslims and they began to follow Sheikh Hamadani, Vakkam Abdul Khader Moulavi and their associates, the orthodox muslim leaders and priests began to instigate the illiterate sects and tried to block their efforts through wreched methods.
The state of muslims in Kerala before 1922 were pathetic. They had little knowledge of Quran and Hadees. They were following blindly whatever were taught to them by the orthodox priests known as Musalyars. The priest sect, Musalyar,used to exploit illiterate muslims by popularizing superstitions and unislamic practices based on shirk. Muslims were forbidden from learning Malayalam. Women were forbidden from going to schools and mosques. Dowry was made a main condition for marriage.Muslims were culturally economically and educationally in a deprived condition.
A lot of Muslim scholars in different areas of Kerala were attracted by the message of Aikhya Sangam but they could not interact due to the lack of a common forum. So leaders of Aikhya Sangam decided to form a forum of Muslim scholars for discussing religious matters. It resulted in the formation of the First forum of Muslim scholars Of Kerala in the Annual General Meeting of Kerala Muslim Aikhya Sangam in 1924 at Aluva. This scholars’ forum was named “Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama Ahlussunna wal Jama’ath” and was shortly known as Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama(KJU). It acted as the advisory body of the Aikhya Sangam till the latter was dissolved in 1934 and still is an active body in giving religious leadership to Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen.

From its inception in1950, KNM concentrated its efforts on the following areas for the upliftment of Kerala muslims and other socially and culturally backward communities.
* Teaching of Quran and Sunnah for the eternal success of humanity by setting up Quran Learning Classes and establishment of Arabic Colleges.
* Irradication of superstitions through the propagation of a combination of formal and religious education.
* Improvement of Educational and cultural status of muslims and other backward classes through the establishment of various types of educational institutions.
* Irradication of misunderstanding between various religious sects of Kerala to maintain religious amity.
* Irradication of dowry system and establishment of freedom of women for praying in Mosques
* Extension of social welfare activities to all human beings

The co-operative efforts of religious scholars and social leaders under the banner of KJU and KNM made amazing results in uniting muslims in Kerala. Provocated by the progress of this movement the orthodox muslim leaders under the “sunni” banner fought against its leaders and scholars,torchered them and ostracized its members. Through the systematic and careful attitude of KNM leaders they could slowly overcome the resitance of sunnees. Openings at gulf countries and the opportunity of Kearla muslims to interact with Muslims of various nations also alleviated the resistance of sunni leaders and their priests. KNM is now happy that even the rival sects who opposed them blindly have now come forward to accept and practice the principles propagated by it. The rival sects which refused education to women and blocked their freedom to pray at mosques has now changed their attitude. They have come forward to set up womens colleges and to open the doors of their mosques to women. Their leaders who argued that dowry was Islamic has now ordered that it is unislamic.

KNM has now become a popularly accepted name in the socio-cultural-educational and religious platform of Kerala. It has got thousands of units through out Kerala . It has also got units in all states in India and Gulf countries wherever there are a couple of malayalee muslims.

Late Muhammed Abdurahiman Sahib, Moidu Moulavi, Sheikh Hamadani Thangal,Vakkam Abdul Khader Moulavi,Vettam Abdulla Haji, K.M. Moulavi, M.C.C.Abdurahiman Moulavi, Sheikh Muhammed Moulavi,Saidu Moulavi, Amani Moulavi, Umar Moulavi and K.P.Muhammed Moulavi were prominant leaders of this organisation.
Sayyid Sanaulla Makthi Thangal who died in 1912 was the fore runner of all renaissance activities in Kerala. He fought solitarily against all kinds of superstitions and challenges from all other rivals of Islam.


KNM has given birth to a number of feeder organizations to achieve its objectives at all levels of the population. They include its youth wing called “Ithihadushubbanil Mujahideen”(ISM), its student wing called “Mujahid Students Movement”(MSM), its ladies wing called “Muslim Girls & Women’s Movement”(MGM) and its Gulf units called Gulf Islahi Centre(GIC).

Besides its feeder organs, KNM has got a
number of specialized forums to attend to the particular needs of the society. They include, BISMI,IMB, ECGC,GICC,EDUCATIONBOARD, ZAKATH CELLS, HILAL COMMITTEE, KNM PUBLISHING WING, and PERIODICSLS

BISMI is a subordinate body of KNM formed for social activism against dowry and to popularize the message of low cost marriages free from pomp and vanity.
ECGC (Educational and Career Guidance Centre) aims at extending proper training and
Guidance for career development .
IMB(Integrated Medical Brotherhood) is an association of Doctors and Paramedical staff who are members of the organization. They render exemplory services in the area of pain and palliative, home nursing and dialysis.
GICC(Gulf Islahi Coordinating Committee),is the international coordinating body of various gulf islahi centres.
KNM Education Boad is set up for the administration and management of thousands of madrassas .It is responsible for framing madrassa curriculums and supervision and conduct of terminal and public examinations.
Hilal Committee takes efforts in the unification of Eid Celebration by timely intervention and elimination of false information .
KNM Zakath Cell is a social welfare body to educate muslims on the collection and distribution of zakath. Zakatha is an obligatory charity to be paid by every muslim when his earnings reach a particular limit. Before the emergence Zakath Cells, individuals were making Zakath as a Ramadan show to exhibit ones magnanimity. Now through the machinery of pooling zakath to the common fund and distribution to needy people zakath cells are undertaking productive welfare activities.
KNM Publishing wing published thousands of books in social ,educational and religious areas.
Vichinthanam weekly and Almanar monthly are its mouth pieces.
Thus KNM has grown beyond limits. In Kerala it has set up a lot of Arts and Science Colleges, Professional Colleges, Arabic Colleges, Madrassas,Orphanages, Training colleges, Hospitals,Pain and Paliative clinics, Dialysis Centres, Housing Projects for the poor,Water supply projects,and a lot of other welfare activities.


Conferences are milestones in the history of islahee movement and KNM. Aikhya Sangam, the parental organization of KNM conducted Annual conferences at Kodungalloor, Trivandrum, Aluva, Kochi,Tirur, Malappuram,Kozhikkode, Talassery, Kannur and Kararagod.

KNM also used to conduct annual Conferences from the beginning of its formation. Its envious growth made it practically difficult to conduct annual conferences. Therefore the organization decided to conduct Mujahid State Conferences at the interval of five years. Mujahid Conferences are unique in India by the medthod of conduct and operation. There is no pomp and show through rallies, flags, slogans or traffic blocking. It is conducted with discipline through the effective management of its volunteers. Such state conferences were conducted at Pulickkal (1979), Feroke(1982) Kuttippuram(1987) Palakkad(1992) Pilathara(1997) Ernakulam(2002) and Changaramkulam(2008)


And now KNM is on the threshold of the Mujahid 8th State Conference which will be conducted from 27th Dece. to 30th Dece. 2012 at Salafi Nagar (Near Kadavu Resort) Kozhikode. The main theme of the conference is “A Century of Renaissance”. Dignatories,and social, political and religious leaders from India and abroad will be Participating in the Conference.
We cordially invite you to be part of this Historical gathering



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